Unbeknownst 2005-2009

Unbeknownst / Unbeknownst Recordings was a recording project between 2005 and 2009, a collaboration between myself and Adelaide jazz singer Lee Pfitzner with a few other contributions from other players. We worked on a total of 14 songs, some of which are available for download here.

The work was all done in my home studio either in Adelaide (2005-2006, December 2007, and probably July 2009) or over in Honiara, in the Solomon Islands.

Numerous copies exist of the first EP, Quicksand, which were printed at DJ Graphics in Honiara in 2008.

1: Quicksand

2: Bring Out Your Dead

3: Down Below

4: Heavyhead

5: Snowflakes

6: Song From Years Ago

Read this post to get the cover art


Steve McKenzie: music composition, various instruments, vocals

Lee Pfitzner: vocals

Lee is a well-known figure in the Adelaide live music scene. Her voice suits many styles and she has performance and recording experience with string quartets (the Zepyhr Quartet), soul bands (Jayne-Anne Power, Supernova), tribute bands (Taylor Made), and a capella ensembles, as well as her own jazz outfit, the Lee Pfitzner Trio. She enjoys challenging, original music equally as much as she likes bringing new meaning and expression to established music.

Jack Lewis: trumpet

Ever the man of mystery, Jack currently lives in the Solomon Islands, where he recorded the trumpet part to Snowflakes. As well as being an ace lawyer, he’s also a pilot, and flew his own light aircraft over the Coral Sea to get here, rather than trudging through Brisbane airport like the rest of us saps. He’s just old enough to remember when jazz was all the rage at Adelaide University.

Louise Kleinig: vocals

The bass player and backing vocalist to Adelaide folk-rappers Aunty Raelene turned into a crack prosecution lawyer while no-one was watching and is now based in the Solomon Islands. She’s done vocals on some of the Strange But True material as well as several tracks on the Isles and Sound CD (folk), which will be placed on the site in due course. She likes baking, reading, scuba diving and chatting to her friends on Facebook.

Greg Osman: saxophone

Greg is an Adelaide saxophone notable, performing in a wide range of groups such as Transparent Means, The Bob Johnson Big Band, Fluent C (a.ka. Pat Emery) and others. Nowadays he works as a music teacher and is also a keen gardener. Greg did some sax recordings for the Strange But True album, including Boris the Moth, Getting Smarter, and Strange But True.

Our tune, Heavyhead, hit the airwaves one Friday night in 2008, courtesy of Tim Ritchie at Sound Quality on ABC Radio National.