Love Bunni Press…What’s The Address?

Mp3 link – Love Bunni Press Theme Tune remix 2008.

In 2006 when I began the process of writing and recording the Love Bunni Press Theme Tune for R. John Piche, I hit upon using the address as a hook, as I didn’t have a phone number. At the time, John lived somewhere called Euclid Boulevard in Cleveland Heights Ohio. It scanned nicely so I went with it.

Just as I was finishing the bed track I logged on to his website and found to my horror that he had moved to a new locale, 2226 Princeton Road. I changed the lyrics accordingly and recorded the final vocal version. There was a brief spasm of activity on Myspace and I got some kudos for my DYI spirit before the craze faded.

I still like the tune a lot. But the dude moved again. So its a bit redundant now there’s no way I’m singing Blanche Avenue

So, anyway enjoy the Love Bunni Press Theme Tune, recently remixed. (The original is still up over on his website). This was my first attempt at writing muzak for a commercial enterprise. The sound is tacky, catchy muzak with off-key vocals (my own) and those of Louise Kleinig which are in tune, with some insanely lame drum sounds and fake applause. I now call it nu-muzak, or punk muzak.