London Calling as a Single LP

(More filler posting to keep this place ticking over. I will post more music soon.. honest. Like, this week).

Running with the general theme of weeding out bad songs by good bands, here’s my pick for London Calling as a single LP. Think of the wonderful album that might have been if only the dross filter had been set to a higher level when they were making their selection. For starters, the band could have taken nearly all of 1980 off, and the world of music would be none the poorer.

London Calling:

  1. London Calling
  2. Brand New Cadillac (cover version)
  3. Hateful (Jones)
  4. Rudie Can’t Fail (Jones)
  5. Spanish Bombs (Jones)
  6. Lost in the Supermarket (Jones)
  7. Clampdown (Jones sings in middle eight)
  8. The Guns of Brixton (Simonon)
  9. Koka Kola
  10. Train in Vain (Jones)

I’m pretty sure that the band would have still recieved the same amount of critical accliam for this tight, Jones-led effort as they would for the sprawling mess they released instead because they allowed Strummer’s “but I’m the lead singer” ego to get in the way. Lyrically, he just wasn’t in top form that year. Moreoever, I’m sure that you, gentle reader, can’t even remember the name of lots of the other songs of the real double LP without looking it upon Wikipedia. Can you?

As for Sandinista – I can’t even make a good single album out of the entire six sides. To Mack’s suggestion of “Somebody Got Murdered” I’d add “The Call Up” which combined could have made the basis of a decent EP, I suppose. Anyway, can anyone actually name a really good triple album? Seems like hubris of the highest order to even attempt one.