250th Anniversary of Getting Totally Shitfaced

Man, there were some drunk people at the Brecknock last night, and I really mean plastered. Dancing, whooping, walking headlong into doorways, fondling each other’s gonads and vomiting in the hall. These were people that weren’t going to be much use on grand final day. They had made their choice and Guinness was it.

For our debut show, me and Emma played two long sets and a reprise at the end, and filled about about 2 and a 1/2 hours worth with fun, listenable and sometimes danceable music, but in terms of crowd response, we really have to thank Mr and Mrs Guinness,  on that cold winter night in 1725. Without their canoodling, young Arthur would never have been born, and never have invented his dark gooey beverage in 1759, and all those people would have had no excuse for getting as drunk as they did last evening.

Or maybe they would have found another one.

Whatevs. We played pretty all right, and got good and paid. Fun show.

So, catch us next time at the Governor Hindmarsh on Thursday November 26 and please drink a lot. It’s a bar deal.

Now I’m off to spend my hard earned loot on wine in the Coonawarra,