Boris the Moth

Mp3 Link: Boris the Moth (demo version).

Did you ever read something called the Knowhow Book of Spycraft? It was in the library at our primary school and I must have read it a dozen times. Nothing – other than Get Smart – has ever tapped into the fundamental silliness of spycraft and detective work in the way that book did.

I don’t think it was entirely deliberate; much of the information provided was supposed to be for serious fun, the kind where you spend hours cutting and glueing elaborate masks and so on – but I don’t think anyone at our school ever actually made the masks or did any of the other activities it suggested. It was a book for daydreaming.

Strange But True: Muzak Jazz for the Modern Amateur Spy is the name of an album of home studio nu-jazz I made in Adelaide in 2005-6, in honour of that book. I gave quite a few copies to friends but took it no further than that.

Here’s a tune to get you started – this is the story of how that shady character Boris the Moth skipped town. It features Greg Osman on the saxophone and Louise Kleinig on vocals. This is a demo, so don’t be surprised if it’s a little crunchy in places.

Boris the Moth