Unbeknownst No More

Observant visitors will note that I have taken the ‘wordpress’ out of the URL and magicked it into another dimension. This post is for the rest of you.

The domain change means I’ll be uploading music files straight to my very own (pretend) website. It also means that unbeknownst recordings, former host to my jazz recording project ‘unbeknownst’, is closed for business. I have had a chat with my singer and recording partner, Lee, and there’s no possibility of turning that particular project into a gigging concern. So, after a final recording session in July, I’ll be drawing it to a close – and posting the full results here. In due course I’ll also be transferring all the bio details over here as a record of the whole thing from 2005 to 2009.

I have a live gig coming up on May 20 at a local den of iniquity, more gigs coming up in July and the possibility of forming a country outfit by the end of the year, so I am of firm resolve and generally undeterred, although honestly, it could have been a kicking band.

C’est la vie…