Strange But True 2005

Strange But True: Muzak Jazz for the Modern Amateur Spy

Strange But True is the name of a weird home studio album I made in 2005. It was the third album I did, after GrungeNerd and Isles and Sound. The theme was coping with suburban ordinariness by pretending to be a secret agent. There is a considerable amount of ennui in the lyrics, some faux, some real.

I found an old disk copy of it while I was still in PNG and I realized it was brilliant, and I do say so myself. So I decided to put it all up (except for a few tracks sung be Lee Pfitzner which ended up on the Unbeknownst EP.)

The cover was a picture of my son Cody’s teddy bear, Miffy the Mean Man.

You can download all the tacks here. The ones in bold, I recommend. The others, the versions aren’t great. The distorted vocals on End of All Songs is a shame. No way I can fix that, now.

Getting Smarter


My Old Enemy

Threescore and Ten

Perpetual Motion


Western Drainage Scheme

Strange But True

Boris the Moth

End of All Songs

Album Artwork

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