Live at Home 2006-7

live at home back cover live at home

Live at Home was made partly in Adelaide in 2006 and finished and mixed in the Solomon Islands in 2007. It contained a bunch of songs from the 90s that I thought I’d dust off and give another go, as well as a few new tunes. I played banjo on it, for the first time.

I personally didn’t think it was that hot a record, but I gave a copy to Soursob Bob just to see if he liked it, and he did. He also gave a copy to Emma Luker, who liked it was well, and from that stemmed the whole Luker and Southern episode of 2009-2011. So, good things come to those who make records. Or something.

I sent a bunch of copies to punk folks overseas too. I think some of them liked it.

Here is the entire record.

Useless Life

Road Returning

Back Porch

Hitching to Cavanbah



Golden Retriever

Henry It’s Easy

I Could Feel This Way

A Career in Virtue

Hindley Street

Goldfish at the Laundromat


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