Broken Arrow

The song Broken Arrow has been around since about 2006 I think. I did a very jazzy recording of it when we were living in the Solomon Islands for Lee to sing, but we never finished that series, so it remains as an instrumental version.

I recorded this much simpler acoustic demo version yesterday, for use in an ensemble featuring my wife Louise Kleinig, Michael Heim, and Jeremy Phillps, and old mate from back in the day.

Here it is, with chords for all you chordy folks.


Intro: Emin – G – Emin – G

Verse: Emin – G – Emin – G x 2


C – C7

Bflat – Bflat maj7

F – Fmaj7 (possibly with a minor 3rd)

C – Cmaj7

Emin – G – Emin G


You’ll pick it up.




Unbeknownst Recordings is now an online drug store.

Skeezy fucking assholes nicked my old website.

Seriously. As soon as I let the domain slip becuase I’m not using it at the moment, some fucking robot is in there registering it and using it to sell viagra.

So now if I want that domain back again I have to buy the thing.

It’s not like there would even be any traffic in it for them. There were never that many hits on that site.


I hste the internet, some days.

Introducing the Song Archive

Another site makeover post:

I figured that new people coming here might not be able to get hold of all the different mp3s easily, especially if you are not blog-savvy. They are kind of scattered throughout the site.

So I have made an archive page where all the major recordings are listed and you can download from there, or go to the actual post in question if you want to know more about the song. The archive doesn’t include covers, or songs by other bands, but it does include collaborations.

This willl be updated as time goes on.

Happy browsing,