Recent News and Plans

We have had two shows this year. The first was a spoken word event at Higher Ground last Friday, and the second was a Central Market show  last night with Jeremy P. on accordion and whistle. I’ll put up vids and photos sometime.

Plans to do more stuff have been stifled by extreme business on both our parts, and also, I’m moving to Papua New Guinea in July, so, Luker and Southern is going to be on the back-burner for a while, like, three years. We might do another market show before I go, and then shows when I come back for visits.  WE’ll see.

So that’s what’s going on.



Bangy the Shoot Man vs the Pixies

The weird internet malaise that has been over me nearly all year continues. My blogs are withering and places I used to post go unattended. Every time I sit down to do anything computer-wise, the overwhelming feeling of “why bother?” rears up and grabs me.

I have been very active at the gym and at work and work is going well but increasingly I am finding my connection with computers to be tedious. I find most of the people on the internet tedious too. I got run off a message board recently for this exact reason.

I have lately had the option of either going to see The Pixies (about $60, playing tomorrow) or spending almost the same amount of money firing 50 shots with a .22 at Flinders St Firing Range, and I chose the latter. Yesterday I blasted the shit out of the target for about twenty minutes and got a pretty decent score. The Pixies show would have lasted hours. But I thought about schlepping all the way over there, queuing, queuing for drinks, standing around on the beer-stained floor, jostling for a good view, and thought: fuck it.

Also I went out in Sydney on my own and saw four different bands last week while on a research trip for the rail project and the “serious rock band” was the lamest. Rock music holds less and less appeal to me.  Every time I hear distorted guitar or earnest male vocals I just think, “oh, just shut the hell up you big wuss.”

So I took the shooting option. For twenty minutes, I was Bangy the Shoot man, who is a good person and not to be underrated. If you have never fired a gun I suggest you try it at least once. I have now fired a .22, an AK-47 (in Vietnam), and an air rifle. The .22 was probably the best fun. The AK47 would have been more fun if it wasn’t bar mounted.

In other news – I got myself a tattoo back in January (pictured below) and have gotten money together to buy another one from my friend J.

My band played a market show on the weekend, and it went all right.

And, ah, that’s all.


So I’m in this folk duo now


I have formed a folk duo with Emma Luker. It was only a matter of time before this happened, I think. I’m going to do my ‘solo’ folk stuff, and she’s going to do her solo Celtic fiddle thing, without either of us actually having to do the lonely solo artist routine. Being on stage with one other person is literally about five times more fun, for me anyway…

We had out first ‘show’ last night at L’hôtel d’Exatorre on Rue de la Roundelle, a two-song intro at the end of La Nuit de L’acoustique Toutes les Etoiles, run by the ineffable Guillaume.

We sounded quite good apparently, despite the table of screaming “look at me” twenty-somethings who chose to sit right up the front in the music room, yelling at one another, even though they had the whole rest of the pub to themselves if they wanted a place to do that. Sound quality improved dramatically when Bob told them to – and I quote – “shut the fuck up”. I bought him a beer.

For Suzy and anyone esle looking for the two versions of the goldfish song, it is here:

Anyway the set was all right and we’re both looking forward to doing a few more shows but things won’t really get sorted until I purchase my new banjo later in the month.  Then things will really start to come into focus. “Folkus”, get it? Oh, don’t stop me.

There is a new site,, and all the info on our activities will go up on there.

Oh, and I’m leaving the upcoming shows page here for the time being. I got a gig playing with Soursob Bob in October and various other sideline plans.

But for the most part, this blog will return to being about my home studio stuff.


‘Southern’ Steve McKenzie.

Introducing the Song Archive

Another site makeover post:

I figured that new people coming here might not be able to get hold of all the different mp3s easily, especially if you are not blog-savvy. They are kind of scattered throughout the site.

So I have made an archive page where all the major recordings are listed and you can download from there, or go to the actual post in question if you want to know more about the song. The archive doesn’t include covers, or songs by other bands, but it does include collaborations.

This willl be updated as time goes on.

Happy browsing,


The Upcoming Shows Page + House of Horror

I have a gig at the Wheaty on the 26th and another lined up in late October and am on the prowl for more in August and September, so as to play about one show a month. But there’s not much point doing a post for each one, so keep an eye on the Upcoming Shows page in the header.

Life is crazy at the moment, we came back from Germany to find that the house rennovations were not completed, becuase the council is being obstinate about planning approval,  so there are gaping holes everywhere and we are all freeezing cold. And now the kitchen demolition is underway too, most of the house is unusable. Every day I go to  work feeling relieved to be out of there and I sit in a cafe on Gilbert Place and pretend it is my house for half an hour. Needless to say, it hasn’t been a great time for music, blogging or much else at all.