Big Kids: Kangaroo

Yo it’s the BIG KIDS feat CODY W with their new single






Big Kids feat Erin G: Little bit o’ Something

Yo it’s Erin G heading up the Big Kids with their new single LITTLE BIT o SOMETHING.

Oh yeah!


Big Kids: Advertising


A song with Music by me and words by Cody

The Big Kids is my new collabotaion thing with my kids.

Telling you what to buy even if it makes you cry

Sell you thing sthat you don’t need

Things that break so easily


The American accent is ironic I guess but he won’t sing it without it.


Weaver’s Ghost Demo

Another Luker and Southern demo for ya. This one is a slow tune for Emma to do some more of her WALL OF VIOLIN work with multiple distorted violin parts.

The beginning has a verse straight away in this version, but if we do a full version, I’d like an Irish whistle solo before the singing starts.

Vox on the demo still a bit dodgy but other than that I kinda like the boomy sound and would want to do something similar on a proper version.

The Weaver’s Ghost mp3 to download

Incidentally, the chords / melody at the end of each verse are from an English trad tune called the Weaver and the Factory Maid. I love this song immensely, probably my favourite Maddy Prior tune. It was important to me at around the time my Dad died so I think that is why the lyrics to my version have ended up being about that.

Steeleye Span – The Weaver and the Factory Maid mp3 to download



Tony Gill / The Love in Your Heart

Yo Emma,

What are the defining features of a demo version?

  • Instruments out of tune
  • Hastily played
  • Singer has a cold
  • Pieced together out of stray bits of audio
  • Lyrics still subject to change

Ahem. Without further ado may I present the demo version of a new Luker and Southern number pending your veto:

Tony’s Tune / The Love in Your Heart (Luker / McKenzie).

Plenty of room for you to practice violiny bits and an intended reprise of the tune at the end.

Have fun.




Broken Arrow

The song Broken Arrow has been around since about 2006 I think. I did a very jazzy recording of it when we were living in the Solomon Islands for Lee to sing, but we never finished that series, so it remains as an instrumental version.

I recorded this much simpler acoustic demo version yesterday, for use in an ensemble featuring my wife Louise Kleinig, Michael Heim, and Jeremy Phillps, and old mate from back in the day.

Here it is, with chords for all you chordy folks.


Intro: Emin – G – Emin – G

Verse: Emin – G – Emin – G x 2


C – C7

Bflat – Bflat maj7

F – Fmaj7 (possibly with a minor 3rd)

C – Cmaj7

Emin – G – Emin G


You’ll pick it up.



Body Builder Xmas Special

It’s been hella quiet round here lately but that may change. I have been doing lots of music lately. This first track I’m putting up is  your Xmas present from me. Listen to it after eating to much. Love Steve.


I’m gonna be the biggest man that I possibly can I possibly can I possibly can

I’m not fuckin’ with ya I wanna pump til my muscles hump and til the veins in my arms explode

I’m gonna be the biggest man that I possibly can I possibly can I possibly can

I won’t lie to you now (Why would I lie to you now?) I won’t rest til I look the best because I’m carrying the heaviest load

I wanna be a bodybuilder

I’m gonna be a bodybuilder

ooh ahh

(Merry Xmas.)