Come November

Southern Steve – Come November

This tune, and the blues that follow, date from about 14 months ago when I was back in Oz, staying at my in laws on my own. I got an old guitar and sat out on the back porch. and it came. One of the finest tunes I have ever written.

‘November’ comes from part of the tune being borrowed from the Rite of Spring – November is the last month if Spring here.

I’ve had a feeling all year that come November, things might sort out. It has been a hard winter but Spring has been good, and everything has an end of year feeling building. So this tune turned out to be just about right.



The Boy With The Crooked Spine


Another track for the Weather is Far Away album. Vox on original are dodgy and there are mic pops all the way through but I can’t fix them because I have lost all the original files, this is a remix of a burn from a sole surviving test CD. Good tune, though. The original dates from about 2005, and was originally about a guy called RJohn but ended up being about gadknowswhat. Me at my most Bowieish.


The Weather is Still Far Away (2012 Remix)


This track was on an EP of tracks I made for various folks on Punk Planet, circa 2006, right at the end of the life of that message board.

It also formed part of an old 4-track EP called ‘The Weather Is Far Away‘, which I distributed to the usual suspects. The songs were: The Weather Is Far Away, Cornalees,  The Shortest Day and A Walk On My Own. The old versions are all still on this site.

I have lately returned to these tunes and found a lot to like, so I am remixing them and adding in a few others in the same style – Cold Light of Day, Legend, and some new ones – to form a decent full length album.

This remix of the title track is the first on the line.