Luker and Southern Album Demo

So, this is what I have been up to lately.

These are semi-finished versions of stuff that is going to be going on the album I am making with Emma Luker.

This post is mostly for the purpose of cross-posting over on the Luker and Southern site.




So I’m in this folk duo now


I have formed a folk duo with Emma Luker. It was only a matter of time before this happened, I think. I’m going to do my ‘solo’ folk stuff, and she’s going to do her solo Celtic fiddle thing, without either of us actually having to do the lonely solo artist routine. Being on stage with one other person is literally about five times more fun, for me anyway…

We had out first ‘show’ last night at L’hôtel d’Exatorre on Rue de la Roundelle, a two-song intro at the end of La Nuit de L’acoustique Toutes les Etoiles, run by the ineffable Guillaume.

We sounded quite good apparently, despite the table of screaming “look at me” twenty-somethings who chose to sit right up the front in the music room, yelling at one another, even though they had the whole rest of the pub to themselves if they wanted a place to do that. Sound quality improved dramatically when Bob told them to – and I quote – “shut the fuck up”. I bought him a beer.

For Suzy and anyone esle looking for the two versions of the goldfish song, it is here:

Anyway the set was all right and we’re both looking forward to doing a few more shows but things won’t really get sorted until I purchase my new banjo later in the month.  Then things will really start to come into focus. “Folkus”, get it? Oh, don’t stop me.

There is a new site,, and all the info on our activities will go up on there.

Oh, and I’m leaving the upcoming shows page here for the time being. I got a gig playing with Soursob Bob in October and various other sideline plans.

But for the most part, this blog will return to being about my home studio stuff.


‘Southern’ Steve McKenzie.

Wall of Violin

Last post before I go on a break  to the Farhterland,

Here are two tracks showcasing what my recent collaboration with Emma Luker sounds like; somewhere between the Velvet Underground, Steeleye Span and the Dirty Three, as I intended. I’m kinda happy with them, but be warned, they are basically FOLK music, especially the second track, so if that word makes you want to take heroin while you tattoo cocks on your face in an effort to assure your rock and roll credibility,  avoid these tracks, they will hurt you.

The first track, Baby Kissing, has the wall of violin effect created by Emma recording six different layered tracks, all distorted. On the final one of these the input went crackly, which lends a certain VU ambience, but will have to be re-done ultimately. Also for the chop before I mix the final version are my vocal efforts here. They are alright but I am somewhat nasal, as I have come down with a feverish cold after my recent annual visit to a piggery. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Enjoy, and there’s more of this to come. In the meantime wish me well as I travel throughout one of the world’s great cultural centres, drinking beer and eating sausages.

Baby Kissing

The Perfect Hill (McKenzie / trad).

The Difference Between Heaven and Hell

Attn: Melinda Fisher

The Difference Between Heaven Hell is an EP of anti-muzak. It is designed to be annoying.

All the songs and pieces are in various phases of completion. Trial versions can be downloaded here for your informations. Nearly all are between 1 and 2 minutes long.

I would be happy for you to use any of these in your flash animation.

Let me know how you get on. If you dislike this style – and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you – I’ll be posting some more short pieces in a different style soon. E-mail on sjmckenzie101 AT gmail dot com and we’ll talk…

Mono Zukuri Dot Com Domain Parking Theme

My Masterpiece – MENSA AGM Caterers Theme Music

Better Than the Rest – Love Bunni Phone ‘On Hold’ Music

Turning Blue – High School Jealousy Theme

Toast Restaurant Foyer Welcome Theme

“Kylie but not Minogue” Anti-Disco Floor Clearer for dead DJs

God of Thunder – Thor’s Electronic Doorbell Theme

German Gratitude and Sincerity – Frankfurt International Airport Lounge Music

All yours, Mindy…


Unbeknownst No More

Observant visitors will note that I have taken the ‘wordpress’ out of the URL and magicked it into another dimension. This post is for the rest of you.

The domain change means I’ll be uploading music files straight to my very own (pretend) website. It also means that unbeknownst recordings, former host to my jazz recording project ‘unbeknownst’, is closed for business. I have had a chat with my singer and recording partner, Lee, and there’s no possibility of turning that particular project into a gigging concern. So, after a final recording session in July, I’ll be drawing it to a close – and posting the full results here. In due course I’ll also be transferring all the bio details over here as a record of the whole thing from 2005 to 2009.

I have a live gig coming up on May 20 at a local den of iniquity, more gigs coming up in July and the possibility of forming a country outfit by the end of the year, so I am of firm resolve and generally undeterred, although honestly, it could have been a kicking band.

C’est la vie…


Antenna for your Love

Mp3 – SSB and the Stobie Pole Band – Antenna for your Love

Soursob Bob has told me he likes his recordings clean and simple, no frills, just raw country, folk and rock and roll.

Let’s see if I can’t dissuade him from that path of purity with this heavily reverbed, messy, overdubbed country punk version of one of his new songs, Antenna. It’s still just a test mix but this is, roughly, what I would have done with this tune.

  • SSB – Guitar, vox
  • Emma Luker -violin
  • ‘Southern’ Steve McKenzie, bass, midi drums, backing vox, midi SOS signals, production

By the way, a Stobie Pole is a South Australian specialty – a telegraph pole made of metal and cement.

The Wiki page claims they were necessary because of the arid treeless nature of South Australia but the truth it there were trees aplenty until they cut them all down to make way for sheep. Then they started asking themselves what they were going to do about the pole situation. Pure Aussie genius.