Big Kids: Kids Just Wanna Party


vox by erin g. music by big daddy.

Happy Birthday ERIN!


Big Kids: Advertising


A song with Music by me and words by Cody

The Big Kids is my new collabotaion thing with my kids.

Telling you what to buy even if it makes you cry

Sell you thing sthat you don’t need

Things that break so easily


The American accent is ironic I guess but he won’t sing it without it.


Barlinnie Reel and Fishers Hornpipe

These are some Luker and Southern demos I’m putting up so Emma and Jeremy Phillips can have a listen and play along.

They aren’t real hot quality wise, but the songs will get there in time.

Barlinne Reel is about a nutter in jail. It is based on the Glenville Reel I blogged about a few months ago. Harmony in the chorus.

Long Gone Running in Old Barlinnie

Nobody Knows If I’m Lower or Higher

Been Locked Up for Twenty Mississippi

Play Me a Reel and I’ll Set You On Fire


Fisher’s Hornpipe (Didn’t Catch a Thing) is kind of about how fishing can be lame because it gives people too much time to talk to each other. It’s to a well known Turlough O’Carolan tune.

Heart Like a Steel / Window of Love

Heart Like a Steel

Window of Love

Two mixdowns of a semi-serious recording session with Michael and Louise, a few Sundays back.

The mixes still have alive quality but in with the process was far more careful and procedural than the rather haphazard wine and cheese influenced sessions this group is used to having. Next jam session might be one of that other kind.

Songs, guitar, vocals – Michael H

Bass, Louise, Steve on a later overdub

Banjo, percussion, mixing – Steve

Enjoy all, and Merry Xmas


Posse of Awesome

Myself and Louise and Jeremy Phillips and Michael Heim had a jam a few weeks back and there are recordings which are not for public consumption owing to their brain melting brilliance. Only those in the know get the hyperlinks.For the time being.

Jeremy has suggested that the name for this outfit be called Posse of Awesome and I do not have a better name.

There is apparently some a video of us on Facebook singing a very drunk version of Anarchy in the UK in waltz time. I am not on Facebook so haven’t seen it.

So, that’s a new band thing I am in now.