Big Kids feat Erin G: Little bit o’ Something

Yo it’s Erin G heading up the Big Kids with their new single LITTLE BIT o SOMETHING.

Oh yeah!



Luker Southern import


I just imported the old Luker and Southern site over here wholesale. That site is pretty much closed. Future gigs with Emma Luker of the one-off variery may occur but it’s not going to be soon…


The Banjitar Blues

So for the last 18 months I have been gigging with Emma with one of these –  a Martinez 6 strong banjo guitar.

It is tuned just like a guitar, but has a sightly lighter, plinkier tone and sounds pretty good on some of the recordings.

I can’t actually remember how much it was – it was fair amount, but not the $849 price tag listed at the Melbourne Music centre site. The model I have might be a step down from this one I pictured, and the writing on the head is different. But it looks similar, otherwise.

Anyway I have just decided to get rid of get and get a regular guitar. The reasons:

  • At live shows through a PA or amp, it doesn’t actually sound like a banjo at all. It sounds like a guitar. So why not just play one?
  • The pick-up is wonky.
  • It goes out of tune easily.
  • It has intonation issues even when the open strings are perfectly in tune. There is some problem with the way the G string is set, so that if it is perfectly in tune open, it will be very sharp on the 2nd fret A.  That means you basically cannot get it so that open G and open A and D all sound good. You have to pick, or compromise. For a folk player, that is a pretty major issue because those are the main three chords!
  • Basically it just sucks.

So I am selling it. Not here though, because I just told you how wretched it was.

I am gonna buy a hollow body electric I think.

Recent News and Plans

We have had two shows this year. The first was a spoken word event at Higher Ground last Friday, and the second was a Central Market show  last night with Jeremy P. on accordion and whistle. I’ll put up vids and photos sometime.

Plans to do more stuff have been stifled by extreme business on both our parts, and also, I’m moving to Papua New Guinea in July, so, Luker and Southern is going to be on the back-burner for a while, like, three years. We might do another market show before I go, and then shows when I come back for visits.  WE’ll see.

So that’s what’s going on.


L&S play Celtica

We played the CELTICA Music Festival at the Port Adelaide Wharf on December 5th 2010. It was 40 degrees. A kilt is a surprisingly good option in this weather.

The show was good. At one point the police patrol boat drove over and listened to us.

Here is a photo of me from Emma’s camera, looking kinda cool, but also a little haggard, like Dr Cox from Scrubs.

Mandolin Christmas Disco Fever

I just got me one of these:

Exactly the same, except mine has a pickup.The tuning is in fifths so the chords are a little different from geetar or banjo, but you get used to it after a while.

Up til now I have been playing on Emma’s old one, which she got given in Mexico, but decided I needed one with a pickup if we are going to take it on stage.

So we’ll be featuring some madolin tunes in our upcoming shows in April, and on further recordings.

Happy Christmas to me.

Little Hefty Runs The Gauntlet

We did a show on Friday night at the Queen’s Arms on Wright Street. (The old pub used to be called the Old Queen’s Arms, but then they renovated.)

Anyway it is, as one Mr Dylan Woolcock noted, something of a “gauntlet”. They have a front bar,  a games area, a pokies bar, a meals area, and as the fifth finger on the glove, a band room, which I did not previously know was there. It’s not too bad a space at all. I’d to pack it out, someday.

One of the characters playing before us was a guy called Little Hefty, who I had not previously heard of but who sounds a bit like Jack Johnson vs Bob Marley and has the same kind of “laid back beach funk” vibe as Johnson. I enjoyed listening to this guy, who can sing better than most. His quieter, finger picky numbers appealed to me more than the funkier stuff but generally it was all worth seeing.

Try his Myspace and watch the vids, looks like they are from a gig at the Wheatsheaf. The last one is the best.