Glenville Reel

Now that all my own musical aspirations are focused on various live / jamming projects this blog here can return to our regular “mp3 of bands what I like bulk good” type of blog.

First one up isn’t a band per se but a singer song-writer by the name of Loudon Wainwright III who I was introduced to back in 1992. My housemate Hickey produced this battered old 2 dollar LP from 1971, with a funny looking geezer on the cover, and we listened to it about once a day for about six months. I think I was particularly entranced by the guy’s voice. Back then he sang in this high-pitched anxious, slightly pathetic wail, that makes him sound not feminine but definitely not masculine and almost like he belongs to some separate third gender of angsty singer-songwriter. I late found out he was married to a McGarrigle and Rufus Wainwright is his son, so maybe this is why.

I got a hold of it recently and realized I had forgotten all but three tunes – Baby in the House (which is good but formulaic), Motel Room Blues (which I used to cover), and, the 3-part medley ending in Glenville Reel. I had forgotten the other two parts of this but always remembered the end of Glenville Reel:

Take off her clothes and throw ’em in the river

Wash her body and stick it in the sun

Give that gal everything that you can give her

You can give her the bullets if you can give her the gun

Great song. I don’t know why it’s called Glenville Reel, though. Glenville is in West Virginia and Loudon isn’t from there, and it sure isn’t a traditional song so I got no clue. Maybe he just wrote it while he was there.

Anyway I have lately been working on my own version, Glenside Reel, which takes its name from an Adelaide mental hospital. I’ll post a demo on the L and S site sometime in the next few months, maybe, and those who listen to both will be able to hear the resemblance.



I’m trying out the audio player, just for this post.


Tony Gill / The Love in Your Heart

Yo Emma,

What are the defining features of a demo version?

  • Instruments out of tune
  • Hastily played
  • Singer has a cold
  • Pieced together out of stray bits of audio
  • Lyrics still subject to change

Ahem. Without further ado may I present the demo version of a new Luker and Southern number pending your veto:

Tony’s Tune / The Love in Your Heart (Luker / McKenzie).

Plenty of room for you to practice violiny bits and an intended reprise of the tune at the end.

Have fun.




Posse of Awesome

Myself and Louise and Jeremy Phillips and Michael Heim had a jam a few weeks back and there are recordings which are not for public consumption owing to their brain melting brilliance. Only those in the know get the hyperlinks.For the time being.

Jeremy has suggested that the name for this outfit be called Posse of Awesome and I do not have a better name.

There is apparently some a video of us on Facebook singing a very drunk version of Anarchy in the UK in waltz time. I am not on Facebook so haven’t seen it.

So, that’s a new band thing I am in now.


Broken Arrow

The song Broken Arrow has been around since about 2006 I think. I did a very jazzy recording of it when we were living in the Solomon Islands for Lee to sing, but we never finished that series, so it remains as an instrumental version.

I recorded this much simpler acoustic demo version yesterday, for use in an ensemble featuring my wife Louise Kleinig, Michael Heim, and Jeremy Phillps, and old mate from back in the day.

Here it is, with chords for all you chordy folks.


Intro: Emin – G – Emin – G

Verse: Emin – G – Emin – G x 2


C – C7

Bflat – Bflat maj7

F – Fmaj7 (possibly with a minor 3rd)

C – Cmaj7

Emin – G – Emin G


You’ll pick it up.



Unbeknownst Recordings is now an online drug store.

Skeezy fucking assholes nicked my old website.

Seriously. As soon as I let the domain slip becuase I’m not using it at the moment, some fucking robot is in there registering it and using it to sell viagra.

So now if I want that domain back again I have to buy the thing.

It’s not like there would even be any traffic in it for them. There were never that many hits on that site.


I hste the internet, some days.

The Bodhran

I got myself a Walton’s bodharn a while back and Emma recently pained it. It’s going to form the basis of our new album cover.

Here’s some shots, gallery style.

In other news – giggled last night, went well.