after a brief 31-year hiatus…

…legendary British post punk band Local Heroes (SW9) are back in the studio and recording a third album, this time going by the name Commoner.

This site is often pretty sleepy, but since singer-guitarist Kevin Armstrong has been hanging about here lately, site stats have jumped, and I am getting a lot of hits on my original SW9 post in which I sang the praises of their first two albums from 1980-81.

Who reforms a band after 31 years? A certain ode springs to mind….

They shall grow not old, as we grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

Although photographs of the trio on Kevin’s website do show the  lads looking somewhat more aged than their previous incarnation but they ain’t no MTV boy band so who cares, right? Is the music any good?

The preview track from the forthcoming third LP can be accessed by going here.

What do I think? Hard to tell from only one track but I like it so far. The guitar and voice reminds me of King Crimson on the albums Beat and Discipline, which is a fair turn-around from the trio’s first two records, but who knows what they’ve been listening to in the last 31 years? Generally, the song has the same melodic intelligence that the first two records had, but the bass is playing less of a role, I miss that personally, I loved the bass playing on the other records.

Looking forward to hearing more to see how the whole thing is going to fit together.



6 thoughts on “after a brief 31-year hiatus…

  1. Am I lame? The links don’t seem to be linking.
    I went back and listened to the tracks on your earlier post, because somehow they had slipped past me. Very enjoyable, and – I hate to get all sentimental on your blog – but they really did capture that Certain Something that was in the atmosphere in 1980. Which brings me to the fact that I still need to answer your comment on that other blog. . .

  2. That is very weird.

    I can only assume Kevin (Armstrong) must have taken his website down, and the song down from Soundcloud.

    Maybe they are doing some kind of internet rejig to launch the new record?

    And man, did that X-Ray Spex thread ever kill the board! Oops.

    The first Local Heroes record is great. Trust me.

  3. Thanks. I’ll check out the song at work (too slow of a connection at home).

    But. . . weirdly coincidentally. . . about a month ago, I started following Thomas Dolby on Twitter (I always kind of liked him but had no idea what he had been doing for twenty-plus years). His new song “Oceanea” has a sweet, serene riff running through it – now I discover it is Kevin Armstrong (and that he played on TD’s albums in the early 1980s).

  4. Hi Local Heroes fans and enthusiasts. I notice with surprise and delight the continued small but fervent interest in our music. I did have the intention to develop new material from the band and the Commoner track was the product of a single session in London some 3 years ago. Since that time events have somewhat overtaken intention and I found myself touring and recording with Thomas Dolby again and also undertaking a myriad of other recording and live projects. I also relocated my family and studio which has taken a full year. I’m still very active creatively and grateful for you interest.

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