Little Hefty Runs The Gauntlet

We did a show on Friday night at the Queen’s Arms on Wright Street. (The old pub used to be called the Old Queen’s Arms, but then they renovated.)

Anyway it is, as one Mr Dylan Woolcock noted, something of a “gauntlet”. They have a front bar,  a games area, a pokies bar, a meals area, and as the fifth finger on the glove, a band room, which I did not previously know was there. It’s not too bad a space at all. I’d to pack it out, someday.

One of the characters playing before us was a guy called Little Hefty, who I had not previously heard of but who sounds a bit like Jack Johnson vs Bob Marley and has the same kind of “laid back beach funk” vibe as Johnson. I enjoyed listening to this guy, who can sing better than most. His quieter, finger picky numbers appealed to me more than the funkier stuff but generally it was all worth seeing.

Try his Myspace and watch the vids, looks like they are from a gig at the Wheatsheaf. The last one is the best.


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