Time’s Up for Howard Devoto

A while back I made the mistake of downloading a “rare” previously unreleased Buzzcocks album from 1976, called Time’s Up, dating from when Howard Devoto was still singing for the band.

Why the hell do I do things like this?

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Devoto can’t sing as well as Pete Shelley and I really only like a few songs by his other band, Magazine.
  • The band had only been around for a year or less and the songs are all hasty demos.
  • The band chose to put out all the best stuff from this early period on the Spiral Scratch EP, including better versions of four of these songs.
  • The band chose not to release the rest of this recording, but instead went back into the studio to re-record the same songs from a full length album, with Shelley singing.
  • Howard Devoto left the band saying he was bored of their music

So, bad demos with a bored lead singer from a band who hadn’t really found themselves yet, and which they chose not to release. Obviously the smart thing to do would be to AVOID this record. So naturally I downloaded it and listened to the whole thing.

It is terrible.

Don’t believe me? Try these.



Believe me now?

It’s time to go, Howard Devoto



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