SCALA, November 18

Jet Ward was in town for a gig at the Wheatsheaf on Saturday, and some beardy character decided to organise another show for her on Thursday, the day of her arrival. We got asked to play the final slot in the resulting SCALA night, and said why yes of course anything to get people to listen to us for a friend.

SCALA has been at many venues over the years, but the current one is pretty good. SCALA is now at “Higher Ground” which is in the building of the old “Night Train” theater restaurant on Light Square. Do you know in the twenty years I have lived in Adelaide I never actually got around to going to the Night Train? Or, jumping off the Morphett Street bridge into oncoming traffic? Or, drinking bleach? Time just slips through your fingers doesn’t it?

Anyway we did a “banjo only” show which meant that seeing as we only did ten songs I decided to only bring one instrument. The crowd was generally appreciative and it was a good set up for our upcoming gigs in December.

You say you’ve not heard of SCALA? What do you think the name means?




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