Posse of Awesome

Myself and Louise and Jeremy Phillips and Michael Heim had a jam a few weeks back and there are recordings which are not for public consumption owing to their brain melting brilliance. Only those in the know get the hyperlinks.For the time being.

Jeremy has suggested that the name for this outfit be called Posse of Awesome and I do not have a better name.

There is apparently some a video of us on Facebook singing a very drunk version of Anarchy in the UK in waltz time. I am not on Facebook so haven’t seen it.

So, that’s a new band thing I am in now.



4 thoughts on “Posse of Awesome

  1. So I guess your “street team” will be called something lame like “the Posse Posse”?
    I am not on FB because it is, like, so 2008.

  2. I will try to find a link to alleged video.

    And actually we weren’t planning on having a street team for another few months.

    (folds arms smugly).

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