Broken Arrow

The song Broken Arrow has been around since about 2006 I think. I did a very jazzy recording of it when we were living in the Solomon Islands for Lee to sing, but we never finished that series, so it remains as an instrumental version.

I recorded this much simpler acoustic demo version yesterday, for use in an ensemble featuring my wife Louise Kleinig, Michael Heim, and Jeremy Phillps, and old mate from back in the day.

Here it is, with chords for all you chordy folks.


Intro: Emin – G – Emin – G

Verse: Emin – G – Emin – G x 2


C – C7

Bflat – Bflat maj7

F – Fmaj7 (possibly with a minor 3rd)

C – Cmaj7

Emin – G – Emin G


You’ll pick it up.




4 thoughts on “Broken Arrow

  1. Really nice. I can’t imagine it as a jazzy number.

    I used to be able to download these MP3 files, but I can’t download this one. Did you change the settings or something? It is making it harder for me to steal your music.

  2. that’s weird because it works totally fine for me.

    firefox – “save target as” and I tell it OK, it just starts downloading.

    There’s not much I can do to help, guys.

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