The Folk Centre

Our CD (self titled) was launched on October 9th 2010, at the Folk Centre, which is on George Street in Thebarton.

You know that funny old-looking place on the corner of South Road and George St, just north of the Henley Beach Road junction, that you always drive past and wonder what it is? Well, that’s not the Folk Centre. That’s actually some church building. The Folk Centre is the building next door that looks like  an old RSL hall.

Basically playing there goes like this:

You arrive at sunset, and park in the spot reserved for the Rector, and then you go in the hall and the sound guy is already there setting up, and you say hello to him and he seems nice.

Then you muck around for a while with hard plastic chairs and old style trestle tables and you try to estimate how many people are going to show up, and you notice how big the place actually is, and you try not to imagine it full of line dancers.

Then you talk to the lady on the door who has one of those old fashioned cash register boxes with numbers on dials, and a grey plastic “ka ching” handle, and a float of two shillings sixpence in case a lot of people come.

Then you stand around for a bit looking at all the names of the past presidents of the SA Folk Federation, random banners from lots of community organizations, posters of famous people from Ireland who have also played here, etc, and those little pennants that tell you who came third in the local darts tournament in 1967.

Then, a couple of old people show up and ask you when the Bingo game starts and you have to tell them that it isn’t a Bingo night, it’s a folk concert. They seem not to mind.

Then more people show up, and you play. The stage is large and the sound is good and people sit quietly drinking wine and listening to you.

Then, they all leave, and you are left to pack up all the trestle tables again.

That’s how it goes.

(OK some of that isn’t true. Especially the part about packing up the trestle tables. The staff did that.)

We sold some CDs but there’s a few left. Check out the CD sample page.


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