The Wine Incident

Wheatsheaf Hotel, August 27, and our first major gig. We were pretty good, I think. I love the Wheatty too. All fireplaces and tasty beer and polished floors and they know how to look after you right.

So, we’re in the middle of a slow number with me supporting Em with quiet plinking on the banjo and there’s this weird “splash” noise in front of us, and we both think that somehow the ceiling has sprung a leak and water is gushing down onto the floor.

The noise stopped so we kept playing, and wondered what the hell just happened (because we couldn’t really see).

Later, friends told us the following account:

One of the families that were there to see the other band (The Heggarties) were sitting right up front and talking, which can be a little rude, but isn’t out of keeping with what happens at that venue pretty often. They were approached by a couple of women who wanted them to shut up because they liked our playing, and the family said no, because they weren’t the only ones talking.

The next think anyone knows one of the women has grabbed the family’s bottle of wine, poured it all over the floor in a giant cascade and then stormed out, leaving the family, also, wondering what the hell just happened.

This is the kind of passion we inspire in people. πŸ˜‰


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