Bangy the Shoot Man vs the Pixies

The weird internet malaise that has been over me nearly all year continues. My blogs are withering and places I used to post go unattended. Every time I sit down to do anything computer-wise, the overwhelming feeling of “why bother?” rears up and grabs me.

I have been very active at the gym and at work and work is going well but increasingly I am finding my connection with computers to be tedious. I find most of the people on the internet tedious too. I got run off a message board recently for this exact reason.

I have lately had the option of either going to see The Pixies (about $60, playing tomorrow) or spending almost the same amount of money firing 50 shots with a .22 at Flinders St Firing Range, and I chose the latter. Yesterday I blasted the shit out of the target for about twenty minutes and got a pretty decent score. The Pixies show would have lasted hours. But I thought about schlepping all the way over there, queuing, queuing for drinks, standing around on the beer-stained floor, jostling for a good view, and thought: fuck it.

Also I went out in Sydney on my own and saw four different bands last week while on a research trip for the rail project and the “serious rock band” was the lamest. Rock music holds less and less appeal to me.  Every time I hear distorted guitar or earnest male vocals I just think, “oh, just shut the hell up you big wuss.”

So I took the shooting option. For twenty minutes, I was Bangy the Shoot man, who is a good person and not to be underrated. If you have never fired a gun I suggest you try it at least once. I have now fired a .22, an AK-47 (in Vietnam), and an air rifle. The .22 was probably the best fun. The AK47 would have been more fun if it wasn’t bar mounted.

In other news – I got myself a tattoo back in January (pictured below) and have gotten money together to buy another one from my friend J.

My band played a market show on the weekend, and it went all right.

And, ah, that’s all.



3 thoughts on “Bangy the Shoot Man vs the Pixies

  1. I know you are referring to me when you talk about tedious people. But I find myself tedious too, so that is fine. I saw the Pixies back in their early heyday and have no interest in seeing them again. The show was fantastic, and I fear the memory would be sullied by seeing a crappy show by shadows of their former selves. But, on the other hand, I have shot numerous guns and never really enjoyed it. There is too much macho bullshit posturing around it that I find distasteful. But I’m glad your band had a good show. I can’t convince the guys in my band to ever play out.

  2. Wait, you got run off a message board?

    I’m not sure I could ever fire a gun, in part because I think it would be highly unwise to put one in my hands (in a controlled environment or not). And since I’m in a general state of despair about gun ownership in the US, somehow it doesn’t feel right.

    Last week, I found myself – rather bizarrely – contemplating buying a ticket to see a Tom Petty concert in New York this summer. I mean, I’m not a huge fan. I’ve never seen him play (and he must be in his 60s now, right?). But somehow, that music still means more to me than the current waves of uber-hip dudes and gals who float in and out of the clubs. Perhaps because I am so un-hip and feel intimidated by them.

    But I’ve barely even been reading blogs, let alone posting. I think there is just some malaise going around. . .

  3. yes, I got run off a music board for telling everyone they are morons for liking Kiss. The embarrassing part was that it took me so long to realise they were the sort of people who would like Kiss.

    I promise I will fire guns in a limp-wristed way that will make you proud, Kevin. No posturing here.

    Tom Petty? Yeah, you should go.

    I got a second chance to go see the Pixies and didn’t go that time either. Cheap ticket from a friend. Still wasn’t enough incentive.

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