I Hope I Never

Our third ever gig was nearly our last. We played at the Gov front bar on a Thursday in late November and had more technical problems than you would think physically possible for an acoustic duo. Pick-ups, leads, strings, tuning, it all went to hell. For me anyway. (Emma was fine actually.)

Initially, we thought we were doing pretty well crowd wise, until all the diners left to go and see Tim Finn playing next door.

(Incidentally, I noted that the bar staff kept everyone in the mood for Tim by playing a lot of his brother’s music. I wonder how that feels.)

After they all left the crowd was thin and the music was quite good but the tech graemlins were having a field day. When I say it was the stuff of nightmares this is not poetic license because I actually have had several subsequent nightmares about that gig. The only good thing to come out of it was that I cracked down ruthlessly on future tech issues and have had none since.

After that, things went quiet on the Luker and Southern front for a while…


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