Hey Mister Photographer Man

My gig at the wheaty last night was characterized by good sound quality, decent-sized audience, nervy performance, and…at least three photographers.

I reckon I must have been snapped about thirty times, in sound-check and playing.  In the nineties, when I played in front of bigger crowds and when I was more well known, I don’t think I ever got snapped once. I think maybe when I won a songwriting competition, someone took one shot for a magazine, but that’s about it.

Ready access to digital has probably changed the culture, but there was something else going on, too. Like, does everything get recorded for posterity now? Is taking photos the new dancing? The headline act got snapped to oblivion but only two people danced. And the guys doing it couldn’t have all been from the media…

So anyway, I guess there’s some guys out there now with all these fairly dark photos of me hunched over a guitar with a microphone obscuring most of my face. Uh, I hope you enjoy those. And, please email to me any shots that do not fit this description…

As for the gig itself…Fiddle chix were grand, especially that Irish one about the swashbuckling woman who saves her husband from the gallows in a last minute dash. My own show was somewhat hasty and mistakeful (?). Prolly sounded OK to people that knew the songs, but the main problem me is that those songs are all old ones, I don’t really write for guitar any more, I write for everything I can do in a studio, so it’s kind of hard to put new energy into it.

BTW I think got a gig coming up where I just play the banjo. So, I don’t have to worry about making old stuff sound good, I can just pluck away. Maybe that will be fun…



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