The Upcoming Shows Page + House of Horror

I have a gig at the Wheaty on the 26th and another lined up in late October and am on the prowl for more in August and September, so as to play about one show a month. But there’s not much point doing a post for each one, so keep an eye on the Upcoming Shows page in the header.

Life is crazy at the moment, we came back from Germany to find that the house rennovations were not completed, becuase the council is being obstinate about planning approval,  so there are gaping holes everywhere and we are all freeezing cold. And now the kitchen demolition is underway too, most of the house is unusable. Every day I go to  work feeling relieved to be out of there and I sit in a cafe on Gilbert Place and pretend it is my house for half an hour. Needless to say, it hasn’t been a great time for music, blogging or much else at all.  



One thought on “The Upcoming Shows Page + House of Horror

  1. Ah, house renovations — the 7th deadliest threat to a marriage.
    Good luck with that. But get writing some new music. And good luck with the gigs.

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