Wall of Violin

Last post before I go on a break  to the Farhterland,

Here are two tracks showcasing what my recent collaboration with Emma Luker sounds like; somewhere between the Velvet Underground, Steeleye Span and the Dirty Three, as I intended. I’m kinda happy with them, but be warned, they are basically FOLK music, especially the second track, so if that word makes you want to take heroin while you tattoo cocks on your face in an effort to assure your rock and roll credibility,  avoid these tracks, they will hurt you.

The first track, Baby Kissing, has the wall of violin effect created by Emma recording six different layered tracks, all distorted. On the final one of these the input went crackly, which lends a certain VU ambience, but will have to be re-done ultimately. Also for the chop before I mix the final version are my vocal efforts here. They are alright but I am somewhat nasal, as I have come down with a feverish cold after my recent annual visit to a piggery. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Enjoy, and there’s more of this to come. In the meantime wish me well as I travel throughout one of the world’s great cultural centres, drinking beer and eating sausages.

Baby Kissing

The Perfect Hill (McKenzie / trad).


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