First Show in Ten Years

I played live for the first time in about ten years on Wednesday night, at the Grace Emily hotel. Overall I’d say it was small, messy, high energy and fun. Bob and Emma came on afterwards and things swelled up quite a bit in terms of crowd size, including some (rather noticeable) members of The Beards, but generally it was fairly quiet and informal, which was probably a good thing for a starter show.

A few folks asked me when I was playing again, to which I had to reply that I did not know, having only just worked out that it’s something that I actually want to do regularly. So far I have some plans to support the Fiddle Chicks that have not yet been made official. Check back here in a while and look for the ‘Upcoming Shows’ page in the top bar – which I’ll make when I’ve got something to put in it.

In other news, I’ve had two recent recording sessions, and will be putting up some sample tracks of what my collaboration with Emma on violin sounds like, within the next week or so.

After that, I’m heading over to Germany for a month with the family, so this blog is going to be quiet for a while.



3 thoughts on “First Show in Ten Years

  1. Cool. I mean, I’d say more, but that just about sums it up.
    But cool, really. And I’ll look forward to the sample tracks.

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