Live Wire: Best of the Bon Scott Era

well if you're looking for trouble...

Like all good Aussie boys, I love me some Bon and Co. especially when I’ve had a few, but when I think about it, there are some paradoxes in my attitude to AC/DC, viz:

  • Even though I think all their songs sound the same, I love some to death, while others bore me (to death), and I find the “good track to filler” ratio pretty intolerable on the majority of their records. So, something stands out about some songs but I don’t know what it is.
  • I don’t normally think of them as a singles band, yet my “best of” track list has lots of singles.
  • I think I can only stand them in “small doses”, but I will happily listen to selected songs (“Live Wire” and a few others) about ten times in a row, getting increasingly louder each time.
  • I think of them as a mood band, yet some of their songs just get me no matter what mood I’m in. In fact, they put me in the mood to listen to them more.

I’ll probably never figure them out. But anyway, here’s my Bon Scott era, reduced to the 12-song “best of” LP – incidentally, something the band themselves haven’t ever really released.

  1. Jailbreak
  2. Long Way to the Top
  3. Rock and Roll Singer
  4. Live Wire
  5. TNT
  6. High Voltage
  7. Dirty Deeds
  8. Let There Be Rock
  9. Riff Raff
  10. Whole Lotta Rosie
  11. Kicked in the Teeth
  12. Highway to Hell

I’ve included ‘Live Wire’ as an mp3, just so that in case you are a novice AC/DC listener, you can hear what plain rock music should sound like. I I fucking love the intro to this song. It’s just such an obvious piece of rock, someone just had to do it, and AC/DC decided that someone was them, and did a great job of it, too; it’s simple, solid, stirring, ballsy, and really well recorded.



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2 thoughts on “Live Wire: Best of the Bon Scott Era

  1. Regarding the introductory comments, there isn’t anything I would disagree with, feeling pretty much the same on all points. Obviously it doesn’t need to be said (but I will) that post-Scott AC/DC should be recognized as a different band (with a few great songs early on, I’d argue). But for me AC/DC is intrinsically linked with becoming a pubescent youth. They are in many ways the soundtrack of my ‘coming of age’ and therefore frequently conjure up the jumbled rush of emotions of that time.

    As for the song list suggested, I think you are spot on. The only addition I would possibly make is ‘Problem Child.’ But while I’d argue it is better than filler, it isn’t as strong as the baker’s dozen you have here.

  2. I thought your AC/DC post would generate numerous responses. Maybe I’m a thread killer over here too.

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