Unbeknownst: Sinking in Quicksand

INTERESTING MUSIC (by Steve McKenzie and Lee Pfitzner):


Bring Out Your Dead

Down Below



Song From Years Ago

This is fine music, if I do say so. Punk and post-punk afficianodas might not like it as much as other stuff I do but as far as I’m concerned it’s the equal of all my other gear. It was made between 2006 and 2008 in Adelaide and Honiara. If I ever end up settling in one place, I might like to form a band doing this sort of thing. There’s more to follow in this vein, too.


Back about eighteen months ago I had the zany notion that it would be possible, somehow, to market and plug all my various different musical products under one name: Unbeknownst. (I chose the name partly because I liked the idea of forming a band by stealth over the internet). I made a website – now stangnant – called Unbeknownst Recordings where I intended to put up all my different styles of music. I got the domain name, bought a space upgrade so I could host mp3s, and I was cooking with professional-smelling gas. Temporarily…

Looking back, I now realise this was a bogus idea, borne in a tropical heat haze and fuelled by whiskey and soda. I record with Lee only very rarely and haven’t added anything new to that site in over six months…except that all the mp3s for this site have to be hosted over there. But this site is where the action is. So, it’s really starting to look like this has all ended up the wrong way round…

To cut to the chase, I’ve imported the old Unbeknownst mp3s post over here. That domain and upgrade will expire in May. All the old files will remain, but beyond that, I’ll do all my hosting over here…

Great Southern Steve.


6 thoughts on “Unbeknownst: Sinking in Quicksand

  1. I’m enjoying these a lot. I keep re-playing “Song From Years Ago,” which is so evocative, and very moving. As I listen to it, it’s a grim, grey day in a wintry post-industrial Pennsylvania landscape; but the song brings a beautiful languid foreshadowing of spring. . . thank you.

  2. Actually that is about an old woman with senile dementia and a long-dead husband.

    Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you. Glad you are enjoying them.

  3. No, of course it doesn’t ruin it at all (I did say ‘evocative and very moving’, after all). I think I was picking up on a sense of disconnect, or detachment, from a certain violence of emotion. The coming of spring feels that way here, somehow (the end of something, a spinning down of the physical challenges of fighting winter, a release). Although maybe I should stop reading so much in to everything. . .

  4. Lyrically, the ‘weather’ song of mine that bears the most resemblance to what you are describing is ‘The Shortest Day’ from ‘the Weather is Far Away’ page.

    But I suppose music can have sense meanings all of its own without having anything to do with the lyrics.

    Actually, that is kind of what the Song from Years Ago is about: sense meanings, memories, remembrances of the sound and smell of things that link you back to the past in a vivid way, while the real world seems dreamy and remote (and disconnected like you say). So, I wanted to make the song sound kind of like the memory of another song.

  5. I like this stuff OK. She has a great voice and the music is really good. But I’ve become a fan of your voice (not is a gay way, mind you) which is why I prefer your other stuff.

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