Antenna for your Love

Mp3 – SSB and the Stobie Pole Band – Antenna for your Love

Soursob Bob has told me he likes his recordings clean and simple, no frills, just raw country, folk and rock and roll.

Let’s see if I can’t dissuade him from that path of purity with this heavily reverbed, messy, overdubbed country punk version of one of his new songs, Antenna. It’s still just a test mix but this is, roughly, what I would have done with this tune.

  • SSB – Guitar, vox
  • Emma Luker -violin
  • ‘Southern’ Steve McKenzie, bass, midi drums, backing vox, midi SOS signals, production

By the way, a Stobie Pole is a South Australian specialty – a telegraph pole made of metal and cement.

The Wiki page claims they were necessary because of the arid treeless nature of South Australia but the truth it there were trees aplenty until they cut them all down to make way for sheep. Then they started asking themselves what they were going to do about the pole situation. Pure Aussie genius.


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