An Interview with Ivor Hanson

As many of you probably don’t know. I spent 2007 and 2008 living in Honiara in the Solomon Islands, and from August 2007 onwards I had the good fortune to share the city with fellow tropical house-husband / music-head Ivor Hanson, formerly the drummer of EMBRACE and various other Washington DC hardcore bands. He’s also the author of Life on the Ledge, an autobiographical account of later days in New York City, playing in bands and working as a window cleaner, which has been put out through a company called Two Dollar Radio Press.

John Piche, the Mayor of Punk Planet, asked me to interview him for an edition of his zine Uncertain Nervous Systems – so I read the book, then asked Ivor over for a recorded interview, which led into us spending quite a lot of time hanging out together with our kids over the next year, trying to stay cool and sane in the tropical weirdness. I have to say there weren’t too many folks over there I could have gotten on with as well as I did with Ivor. I hope our paths cross again.

Anyway, here is the full interview, from about October 2007.

An Interview with Ivor Hanson

I posted this now because I’ve been thinking of Ivor recently, remembering how delighted Ivor and his partner Christina were when the drunken megalomaniac got his arse kicked three months ago. Ive was so happy he was even talking about getting an Obama T-shirt at one point.

Anyyway, now for the fruits of that victory: George W. Bush can finally do no more harm. That really can’t be a bad thing.

By the way, the Uncertain Nervous Systems is still yet to appear. It will also feature an interview I did over e-mail with Daisy Anne Gree, as well as some other interviews with punk / alternative authors.



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