The Sound – From the Lion’s Mouth

mp3 link: The Sound: ‘The Fire’ and ‘Silent Air’

Adrian Borland (front) was one of those tortured musical genius types that the UK produced so readily in the 70s and 80s, in the same sort of mold as Ian Curtis, Stuart Adamson, and Andy Partridge. He took his own life in 1999, leaving behind a whole bunch of people just finally waking up to how good he’d been nearly twenty years earlier, when his band The Sound were putting out albums that still stand firm alongside the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure.

Borland had previously been in punk band The Outsiders, and when The Sound first appeared in the late 70s they looked and sounded kinda post-punky as this promo poster shows, but a lot had changed by 1981 and their second album From the Lion’s Mouth is straightforward New Wave, with Borland’s brooding melodic songwriting anchored by angular basslines and fleshed out with sweeping synths and some nice layered guitar work.

I’m not a huge fan of the production here – I’d like a little more throb and gristle and a little less studio coldness – but what I will say is that the songs are very fine, and some of the guitar and bass playing is exceptional. I’m guessing this act were very good live, and I’m keeping my eyes out for any live bootlegs to confirm my theory.

From the Lion’s Mouth was re-released in 2002 by Renascent Records and if you google it you will find links to various places you can buy it, review pages where lots of indy music- heads rave about it as the best album ever made by anyone ever anywhere ever, and also, usually, a download site where some cheeky wag has stuck the whole thing up as an .rar archive. Not that I condone that sort of thing. Just the two tracks here…

mp3 link: The Sound: ‘The Fire’ and ‘Silent Air’

coverThese two tracks (in one file) are from the end of side two. ‘Judgement’, ‘Fatal Flaw’ and ‘Possession’ are also really worth a listen….

Anyway, the band made more albums and Borland also had a lengthy solo career but despite critical acclaim never achieved the…you know the rest. It’s a cruel business, really. But recording is a wonderful thing, and when all the bullshit has finally gone cold, the music is still as fresh as the day it was made…

Be seeing you in the New Year…



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