Americkan Whack

In 2006 I made a compilation of American punk and skronk music which got sent out to a few folks sans cover – I just decided to make one and stick it online at the old Talking Boots blogger site. Anyway, when I switched over here it fell off in the transition to WordPress. I think this site is a better home for it now anyway, so I’m posting it again, in preparation for future mixtape swaps. I might make a podcast of it one day if I can ever be bothered working out how that is done…

By the way, I’ll be posting on Philidelphia’s The Stickmen soon – just in case you are starting to think I’m all about tortured 80’s angst merchants who didn’t get the recognition they deserved, I figured I’d put up something buy a band who doubtless did not give a rat’s arse.

Anyway here’s the art…




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