The Weather is Far Away

Mp3 Link – The Weather is Far Away

I have this thing about cumulus mammatus clouds. They look so close to the ground, but also kind of otherworldly, like something is about to reach down out of the sky and strart grabbing people. They seemed a perfect cover image for a pop song I wrote in 2005 about the day the sky fell down, The Shortest Day.

At the same time I was writing a new wave tune for a guy called ‘Chicago Greg’ on the Punk Planet Message Board who has a thing for the weather. He’s one of those guys who is always looking up the wind conditions in some obscure Russian peninsula, even though he has no intention of gong there. The colder it is somewhere else, the better he likes it, it seems, although he often complains about Chicago’s bitter winters. The first track is for him.

The Weather is Far Away is a 4-song EP I made between 2005 and 2007, fleshed out with an instrumental and another song, both about bush-walking. The drums on tracks 2 and 3 are by Joy Division‘s legendary drummer, Steven Morris, from their first album Warsaw. When I put this up in Myspace, New Order befriended me, which I thought was very sweet of them.

Basic Mp3 files of all tracks are free to download here. Wave files are available if you want to use any of the music for commercial purposes (contact me).

The Weather is Far Away

A Walk on My Own


The Shortest Day

The album art is right here for use in Nero or whatever – bear in mind that none of the Myspace sites it mentions exist any more.

Front Cover


3 thoughts on “The Weather is Far Away

  1. I don’t think you sent me the back cover, so I didn’t know the first song was about Chicago Greg. Strangely, I think that makes me like the song even more.
    Cool about New Order too. They don’t seem like the suing type.

  2. I thought these were all great when you posted them before…I think on the myspace. But anyway, I think the cornalees is my favorite. Working on any more?

  3. Thanks Kevin and msgrcvd (Josh?) for these words.

    I have words to Cornalees and will do a vox version soomer or later. As to doing more new stuff, I dunno, the drums at the start of ‘Disorder’ are tempting. I’ll probably have a crack at something next year.

    Heading back to Australia soon. No new recording til then.


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