All Our Creepy Needs

Planeteer Diaspora member Jason Katison once commented that if we need a creepy weirdo in a film, Steve Buscemi meets all our needs. I know a good line when I hear one and this song came shortly afterwards.

Do you remember that movie when he played a nerd? Or, come to think of it, can you remember one when he didn’t? I think it might have been that crappy one with Sandra Bollock in rehab.

He’s a big wheel in The Sporanos now too but I have to suspend my disbelief that Tony Soprano would take him seriously, I still think of him as Chet in Barton Fink. Tony, don’t you realise who that is? It’s not your cousin, it’s the Busc!

Oh, and apparently it’s ‘Boosh Shem I’ but I didn’t know that, did I? Everyone I know says Sheem.

Genre Warning: This is Punk Rock a la Johnathan Richman, i.e. not very punk, or very rock, especially with those keyboards. Also, it still has a very sudden ending. It just cuts out right in the middle of


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